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Ages Gone Costumes

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Welcome to our shop!
Renaissance "Ready to Wear"

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If you've ever felt like you were born four centuries too late, you're in luck! No, we don't have a time machine but we do have the clothes that can make you feel like the Renaissance man you really are deep down inside.

We offer a full line of quality pants, shirts, and doublets.

Shirts and Pants (all cotton items) are offered in an array of colors including:

black, white, natural, red, yellow, dark blue, purple, turquoise, and green.

All are made one size fits all (we've put them to the test, and one size has fit ALL!).

Non-ruff shirts

Pictured: Men's non-ruff shirts

Doublets for men come in a variety of fabrics and colors to suit your most chivalric tastes. Fabrics include natural and colored garment leather, wool, velvet and canvas. Color and fabric schemes can be made to order based on any garment material and the colors we can find. Any doublet we make can also be spruced up with custom add-ons such as silver or gold piping, venetian slits, silver or gold buttons and spangles.

Shirt with neck ruffle
Pictured: Shirt with neck ruffle

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Visit our Crafts Calendar to find out when Ages Gone Costumes will be visiting a location near you.

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Ages Gone Costumes Prices:

Men's Shirt


Men's Shirt
With ruffled collar and cuffs






Custom Doublet

Prices based on order

All prices are in U.S. Dollars

For ordering information Email us


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